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every time.

Got Projects?

You’ve defined your project’s scope and critical path. You’ve lined up suppliers and subs. Budgets and calendars have been approved. Now it’s time to deliver.

Every time two or more organizations collaborate, a ‘Shadow’ organization is created by the people directly responsible for the project’s results. That’s where we do our work; coordinating the ‘Human Element’ in a way that keeps the project on-time, to-spec, on-budget, and without injury. No one can anticipate every challenge but we can determine an appropriate response to contingencies before breaking ground!

When Partnering should be considered:
- At project launch to set the tone*
- At regular intervals for complex, long-term projects
- When stakeholders change to maintain momentum
- After a setback to get things back on track

(*Some State and Federal agencies require this step)


Every $1M spent on a construction project supports 12.4 total jobs and an additional $825,858 in local economic output.

Every $1 invested in Partnering saves $81 on the project.

“Hiring a professional neutral partnering facilitator is the best way to cultivate a culture of collaboration on a project.”

-Partnering Magazine


PennDOT District 11
SR376-A40 Parkway East
SR376-A35,A47 Parkway East
SR28-A23 Etna Phase 5 Interchange
Squirrel Hill Tunnels
SR28-A09,A10 Troy and 31st Street
SR30-A21,A22 Ardmore Blvd.
SR579-A05 Crosstown Blvd.
Ambridge / Aliquippa Bridge
Tri-Boro Bridge Ramp T
SR 51-A10 (SR 88 Interchange)
Liberty Bridge
SR 65 B29

PennDOT District 9
SR 6219 Sections 20A/20B Garrett Earthwork

PennDOT District 12
SR 0070 Bentleyville Interchange
SR 0070 New Stanton Interchange

(Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission)
MM43 - MM47 Reconstruct
SR579 Southern Beltway, 55A1
SR579 Southern Beltway, 55B
I-476 (A-37.39 to A-43.33)
Hawk Falls Bridge (NE Extension)

(General Services Administration)
Anthony J. Celebrezze Fed Bldg

(US Navy Facilities Division)
Guantanamo Bay NAS, Cuba
Military Housing / Fitness Center

(US Army Corps of Engineers)
Charleroi Lock and Dam

What our clients think.

“Rob did an excellent job in coordinating and facilitating the sessions for our projects. Through his facilitation at each session, each project group was able to gain a better understanding of how to communicate better, what works, what doesn’t, and how to focus on completing a successful project.”

Assistant District Executive

“Rob and his firm do an outstanding job of facilitating our partnering meetings. The approach makes the meetings significantly more focused and productive than partnering meetings I have attended in the past.”

Section Chief

“Rob is an exceptionally skilled facilitator. He takes the time to get to know the key leaders on the team in advance and to work with them to design a partnering program that is tailored to the specific needs of the project. Rob works to bring the best out of the team and get everyone focused on what is important.”

District Executive


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