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A Family Business


Strategy 5:15 was founded by father and son, Rob and Hank O'Donnell in January of 2022. Over 70 years of combined industry knowledge and hands on experience have merged into a client focused, project oriented partnering firm. From vertical and horizontal construction to business and tech start ups. We specialize in harvesting and managing talent.

Our strategy is to bring out the best in each other, every job, every time. 

What's your Strategy?


Strategy 5:15 is dedicated to bringing out the best in people; every job, every time!

We fulfill that mission in three ways:

Primary and Secondary Impact

We work to ensure every project finishes on-time, to-spec, in-budget with no injuries. But those are the table stakes. We also help project leadership develop culturally appropriate situations to expand the capacity of their own talent, growing their bench and returning additional value to their respective organizations.


We engage project leadership well before a partnering event to learn about the project; its challenges, significance, and target outcomes. We also take the time to learn the people; leadership styles, career path, necessary competencies, and experience gaps. This information is used to assemble ‘Issue Resolution Teams’ (IRT) that require participants to demonstrate skill acquisition in the decision-making process.

Track Record

Strategy 5:15’s approach brings together the wisdom of experience and youthful innovation through the eclectic backgrounds of its two founders, the father and son team of Rob and Hank O’Donnell.

Rob has facilitated dozens of successful projects. He is adept at untangling seemingly intractable situations to bring projects back to critical path. Rob recognizes that he’s not the King; but he’s a great King-maker.

Hank is a tech wizard and entrepreneur in his own right. He is an obsessive learner that combines engineering and construction experience with the discipline necessary to train MMA. 
Rob O'Donnell

President // Facilitator

Rob has been leading and developing teams since 1978. His path navigated the challenges and opportunities in start-ups as well as senior-level responsibilities in billion dollar organizations. Titles varied but each role had a common thread; growing talent!

Rob is an exceptional facilitator and a compelling public speaker. His style balances encouragement and accountability. Rob works to help leaders and organizations identify their Super Power, recognize strengths others bring to the table, and combine them in a way that fosters collaboration and drives results.

Rob ODonnell
Hank O'Donnell

Executive Vice President // Facilitator

Hank has been focused on group and 1-on-1 training for over 25 years in various fields ranging from recreation to law enforcement and STEM. His engineering and construction experience have given him many opportunities for hands on experience with ownership, down to frontline workers/clients.

Hank is a high energy facilitator and hands on research specialist. His style blends the analytical with the practical (and some humor). Making complex information tangible and retainable. Hank strives to ensure clients have the tools they need for success, in the direction of their natural talents. 

Hank ODonnell


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