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What's your STRATEGY?

Fundamental Formula

E + R = O

E = Event
Uncontrollable / Stuff happens

R = Response
Where we do our work

O = Outcome
Determined by the Response

Our fundamental process.



Asking the right questions up front prevents awkward surprises downstream. The first thing we do is schedule time with those responsible for the outcome to identify project concerns and level-set expectations.


A ‘Shadow Organization’ is created when people from different providers collaborate on a project. During this step, we help those collaborators define the job site’s working culture, decision-making filters, performance standards, and communication protocols consistent with the Project Charter. We make sure everyone knows how to measure success, what might stand in the way, how to respond to anticipated challenges, and where to turn when faced with the unexpected.


Sustained focus can be daunting on even the most compelling work so we provide customized options and regular check-ins at predetermined intervals to keep people aligned and the project on track.

R E A C H  O U T

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